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100+ payment modes

Facilitate all payment optionswith S2pay payment gatewaycheckout

Affordable Pricing

Our innovative payment solutions with competitive pricing make payments simpler.

Excellent Support

Call, Chats, Email based support to help you in your every step.

Instant Activation

Get activated and transact within 2 minutes. Completely online onboarding with minimum documentation.

Dashboard Reporting

Real-time data and insights on your S2Pay Dashboard to make informed business decisions.

Easy Refunds

Refunds Processed as soon as informed to Us. Fund Settlement may take 5-10 Days.

S2PAY- India’s Leading Payment Gateway

S2Pay provides the services of online payment transfer from the customers to the merchants, making the whole process simplified and fast. It can be used in all types of businesses, may it be registered or not registered, with or without a website, small startup or large setups, online as well as offline ones; any entrepreneur can avail its services at the lowest rates.

Onsite Payments

Loan Finance

Invoice Cloud

Bank Transfer

Get onboarded and start accepting payments within minutes.

Seamless onboarding with minimum documentation

Track payments on the go

Accept payments & issue refunds with a single click

Get detailed payments insights