Accepting UPI Payments through BHIM, PhonePe, Whatsapp, etc. is swift and easy

It’s a lot easier to accept payments via UPI sans the technical glitches of handling SMS notifications or recollecting VPA. Simply utilize apps like PhonePe BHIM, Whatsapp, etc. to directly accept payments.

Begin now for a great experience

Enable UPI payments via apps like BHIM, PhonePe, Whatsapp, etc. by way of updating to our latest android SDK.

Checkout Using UPI

Our checkout form is ideal for collecting UPI payments. It is easy and fast. This is how it works: S2Pay will send a collect request to the customer on their Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

Customer will receive a mobile notification in their UPI app. Once he accepts it, the payment is complete.

What’s truly surprising is not a single extra line of coding is necessary for accepting UPI.